Bunz (El Conejo) (dabunz) wrote in poly_tea_party,
Bunz (El Conejo)


Hey there mommies!

It's looking like the greengrrl, tiger and I will be driving in for poly mommy day.
Ivy's going to catch up on some much needed sleep tonight (hopefully), and I am continuing to rest up my sorry ankles.
Who's up for some fun?
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I am, but I won't be there for some of it. I have a driving lesson that starts at 12:30 I think.
Yes please! What would we like to do? How are you both feeling?

Up for swimming? No? Up for mall? No? Prefer to sit and gossip & have tea? That's cool too... let me know!

My vote is for swimming but I understand if that's vetoed because of Bunny's ankles.

fyi: I won't be coming Tuesdays December 9th and 16th because I am training at work. I'll be available the 23rd, but I expect people will be travelling or otherwise busy doing Yule/ Hannukkah/ Christmas/ I want to avoid the holidays stuff.


I'd love to swim or stroll the mall, but I can't yet. I'm down to wearing a tensor bandage on the left and an ankle brace on the right. So no walking for a bit. Sorry ladies. Just tea and chat, please.
I don't think so. I'm feeling pretty peopled out.
I am not yet well enough for swimming, and coretjo, you will be sorely missed, but I understand, as your house was quite full and it sounds like you are still dealing with the wreakage. Sitting around having tea is really all I'm up to. This is more to give Stef a break than anything.
Ivy is bringing lunch.

Pope's groat and sweet potato casserole.

Without tamari. Without garlic.

The unfortunate thing is that I don't hate tamari. Apparently I hate buckwheat groats. That's what tastes like paint. To me. Ivy nearly cried. :(